Vulnerable infrastructure

Which critical facilities are at risk of flooding? Find out how much of the region’s infrastructure will be susceptible to flooding in 2050 by selecting a category on the left.

Susceptible infrastructure
In the floodplain
Not in the floodplain
  • Public housing units

    47,382 (21% in the floodplain)

  • Hospital beds

    9,214 (11% in the floodplain)

  • Nursing home beds

    11,145 (8% in the floodplain)

  • Power-generation capacity

    59% (19,181 MWh)

  • Subway and rail stations

    115 (13% in the floodplain)

  • Subway yards

    7 (33% in the floodplain)

  • Train tunnels

    All (14 total)

  • Major airports

    4 (6 total)

  • Shipping ports

    All (6 total)

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Regional Plan Association

From, "Fragile Success: Taking Stock of the New York Metropolitan Region", Regional Plan Association